Friend Leadership - A Visual Inspiration Book

Friend Leadership - A Visual Inspiration Book

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Heikki Toivanen

Illustration Maija Kotamäki

Friend Leadership - A Visual Inspiration Book offers the tools for Generation Y leadership. Inspiration Book illuminates through the elements earth, water, fire, wind and void the steps of friend leadership. The friend leadership tools are extreme beneficial for all future leaders.

Author, Dr. Heikki Toivanen is acting as a strategist at Partus, a part time entrepreneur and active board member of Säästöpankki Optia. Partus is a coaching company with a global reach. The Tiimiakatemia Methods are used in over 10 countries in universities, vocational schools, and further education for adults and business settings. Heikki has coached in Jyväskylä Tiimiakatemia more than 6 years and now acting as a strategist in Partus, the leader of the learning revolution. Heikki has more than 20 years diverse and global leadership experience from large corporation to micro companies.

Graphic facilitator, Maija Kotamäki, is an entrepreneur and a representative of Generation Y. Maija’s vision is to make learning and leading as an inspiriting experience with the visual methods. Maija’s inspiration and creativity is born her background in team learning, team entrepreneur and clothing design.

Author: Heikki Toivanen

Pages: 95

Language: English

Published: 2012

Product form: Soft-cover book


Kirjailija: Heikki Toivanen 

Sivumäärä: 95

Kieli: Englanti

Vuosi: 2012

Tuotemuoto: Pehmeäkantinen kirja